Thursday, June 10, 2010

Only in Paris

Thursday June 10, 2010 - Only in Paris

Well thanks to a suggestion from my clever blog-minded father, over the past few months I have written down specific experiences limited to the "only happen in Paris category". The following is what popped into my mind, the good and the bad and the ugly; it's all here from my year abroad. Enjoy!

Only in Paris...

1. Do I eat a whole box of ice cream bars in half an hour flat.
2. Do I get a chance to go on a pilgrimage to Chartres.
3. Does carrying an awkward heavy box I received in the mail on the Metro make me smile.
4. Am I not surprised when I see the Eiffel Tower any more.
5. Do I look for lost tourists to give them the right directions.
6. Do I see French people give tourists wrong directions.
7. Do I pray that an old person or pregnant lady won't get on the Metro when I'm exhausted and have a seat...And then when one does enter, I gladly give them my seat with a smile because it's the right thing to do and that always feels better than sitting.
8. Do I get an elbow in the ribs for walking on the "wrong side" of a Metro tunnel.
9. Does cigarette smoke not faze me any more.
10. Does seeing a kid who looks 12 smoking not faze me any more.
11. Do I get the immense pleasure of seeing my French students progress over the course of the year.
12. Do I get to prove stereotypes wrong.
13. Do I get to walk to church along the Seine.
14. Do I carry my pepper spray in my hand in my pocket while walking alone at night.
15. Am I used to the scent of the Metro. Eww.
16. Do I not buy paper towels, soda, juice, salt, gum, or nail polish because I can live without them.
17. Do I buy Nutella, ice cream, pastries, chocolate, cookie dough, and wrinkle cream because I cannot live without them.
18. Do I get to go to the airport to pick up my loved ones!
19. Do I have to go to the airport to say good bye to my loved ones.
20. Do I get to have picnics on the Champ de Mars with my friends to eat French bread, wine, and cheese whenever I want.
21. Do I realize how lucky I am to have Christian friends and family.
22. Do I appreciate real deodorant.
23. Have I been too painfully cold to leave my apartment.
24. Have I ever gotten attacked by bed bugs. Eww.
25. Am I constantly trying to tell time in another time zone.
26. Do I skip bronzer in January because it's not even worth it.
27. Does one of my friends get their phone or wallet stolen every weekend.
28. Do I see the buffest moms on the planet carrying strollers full of children up and down Metro stairs.
29. Do I have a chance to miss hugs.
30. Do I know exactly where to find the best
cheeseburgers, cupcakes, ice cream, and pancakes.
31. Do I think of opening my own frozen yogurt shop.
32. Do babies speak French.
33. Do dogs remain perfectly behaved without a leash.
34. Must I choose between washing my hair or shaving my legs before the hot water runs out.
35. Does the key to my apartment look like a key to a castle.
36. Am I not in a car for months at a time.
37. Am I absolutely exhausted just from grocery shopping.
38. Does a real dinner last for hours.
39. Do I think in blog-form.
40. Does my form of transportation go on strike.
41. Does my roommate's French boyfriend use my toothbrush.
42. Is wine cheaper than a bottle of water at a restaurant.
43. Have I made amazing friends from all over the world.
44. Do I see men and women of all ages run across enormous intersections in their business clothes to catch the bus. Hilarious.
45. Do I give myself high cholesterol. True and not hilarious.
46. Do cashiers ask you if you have exact change and scowl if you don't. Sorry, that's, like, kinda your job.
47. Do I get to walk 3 minutes to a gorgeous park to read in the sunshine.
48. Is it normal to see 200 roller bladers take over the streets.
49. Do I see so many women with the body I had at age 11.
50. Do I get to take an art history course that meets at a different museum each week.
51. Do I write this blog instead of studying for my art history final.
52. Do I walk, um, everywhere.
53. Do I have to call my friends/family from home twice if they missed my first call less they become an emotional wreck.
54. Can I sleep till 2pm. Easily.
55. Do I never smile at strangers.
56. Does skipping doing my hair in the morning just means I look more French that day.
57. Is it okay to have hairy arms.
58. Are my bank, my grocery stores, my laundry mat, my boulangerie, and my favorite cafes all within walking distance from my apartment.
59. Are rules not rules and customer service not customer service.

60. Only in Paris, do I sit here the night before flying home for good and strangely feel like I'm about to be released from prison.

Bonsoir Paris...Good morning L.A.!